LHS Side-by-Side

The students of the Arbutus Wind Ensemble, Concert Orchestra, and 8th Grade Chorus performed with the members of the Lansdowne Middle School and Lansdowne High School choirs, bands and orchestras at the sixth annual Lansdowne Side-by-Side Concert on October 24th.  The ensembles had a productive pre-concert rehearsal in their combined groups.

After that it was time for a pizza dinner and an opportunity to socialize with our new friends from LMS and our old friends from LHS.

Then, under the direction of Mr. Chris Warren, Director of the Lansdowne High School Band and Orchestra, and Mr. Rob Tracy, Director of the Lansdowne High School Choirs, the more than 200 audience members present enjoyed a concert featuring a wide variety of musical styles, from classical to pop!

Our thanks to the amazing parents who came to help with dinner, the wonderful music students at LMS and LHS for performing with us, and to Mr. Warren, Mr. Tracy and the Music Department at Lansdowne High School for hosting this wonderful showcase of the great musical talent we have in the Lansdowne-Arbutus area!  Great job everyone!

Want to find out more information about the musical offerings at Lansdowne High School?  Check out the website for the LHS Academy of Arts and Communication.



Combined Choirs

Dream Keeper

You Will Be Found



Battle Stations

A Shaker Hymn

Monster Mambo



Legend of the Eagle

Great Movie Adventures



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