6th Grade Spring Concert

6th Grade Orchestra – Mr. Miskimon

Rigadoon – Purcell, arr. by Doris Gazda

Sky Islands – Todd Parrish

First Finger Suite – R. Anne Svendsen

Anthem – Elliot Del Borgo


6th Grade Chorus – Ms. Blough

Sail Away Ladies – Mountain Dance Tune, arr. by Douglas Beam

Zum Gali Gali – Israeli Folk Song, arr. by Dan Schwartz

Turn the Beat Around – Peter and Douglas Jackson, arr. by Gallina

Afternoon on a Hill – Cynthia Gray

Let it Shine! – Mary Lynn Lightfoot


6th Grade Band – Mrs. Boyle

Chorale in Bb – J.S. Bach

America the Beautiful – Samuel Ward

(Featuring 6th Grade Chorus)

Valiance – Robert W. Smith

This Old Band – arr. by Anne McGinty

Procession of the Champions – Brian Balmages

Happy – Pharrell Williams, arr. by Sweeney

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