8th Grade Spring Concert

8th Grade Orchestra – Mr. Miskimon

Swedish Rhapsody – Hugo Alfven, arr. by Isaac

featuring AMS Orchestra Alumni

Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song – Brian Balmages

Agincourt – Doug Spata

Tour of California – Alan Lee Silva

Variations on an Irish Tune – Brian Balmages


8th Grade Chorus – Ms. Blough

Let There Be Music – Jerry Estes

Sing Ev’ry Morning, Noon, and Night – Russell Robinson

Come In From the Firefly Darkness – Amy F. Bernon

Hitch a Ride – Mary Donnelly and George L.O. Strid

Seasons of Love – Jonathan Larson, arr. by Emerson


Arbutus Wind Ensemble – Mrs. Boyle

The Pilgrimage – Robert Sheldon

Drums of Darkness – Larry Neeck

Grant County Celebration – Mark Williams

Equinox – Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark

Joyance – Bruce Pearson

American Collage – arr. by Michael Story


Combined 8th Grade Band, Orchestra, and Chorus

Bohemian Rhapsody – Freddy Mercury, arr. by Murtha

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